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Berts Bud

Medical Marijuana strain for most ailments and good health. De-Carbonization of THC-A is critical while smoking. Relieves pain, lowers high blood pressure, treats dementia, helps eating disorders like Anorexia, hair and fingernail growth, and literally hundreds more uses. Smoking buds in bongs, or single hit pipes, not a vaporizer, gives good health, free of respiratory ailments like Covid and Flu. Seems to cure Dementia psychosis instantly. Call 619 599 5559, to give your story, or ask questions about the hundreds of uses for Bert's Bud. Bert's Bud is Pharmlabs tested at about 17% THC, with over 15% THC-A. Pre 2010 strain of L.A. Confidential, cloned for 50 generations., 6 plants at a time, in a 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 foot grow tent. This website is for information purposes only, for medical patients. Cannabis is not what people say. Various products listed will feature a use, with ALL options using Bert's Bud. There seem to be no bad side long-term side effects. First couple of uses may cause extreme highness, but chronic use only causes excess stomach acid, and does seem to create new brain cells, not kill them.
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Cure or delay Dementia Psychosis with Bert's Bud
Cure or normalize blood pressure with Bert's Bud
Manage pain with Bert's Bud
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